Our mission is producing
top-quality shirts for the most prestigious and demanding brands

Since 2000, each Gherardi Pro’s customer, whether he is a long-standing or a newly
acquired one, has always worked with a certainty: being able to rely on us in total serenity.
Being able to count on the value of a commitment, on the details, times, numbers.
An uncertainty-free trustworthiness is the milestone of our work.

We are an all-round solid and sound company

Family management joins more generations. The company climate is strongly synergetic, based on mutual loyalty and on involving employees in the company achievements. This inspires each of us in Gherardi Pro, regardless of the role,

to carry out our work with a positive and constructive attitude. This is a commitment we pursue by ethical belief and by family choice. We are perfectly aware that the very high quality of our results is also based on this premise.

We deliver every order quickly and perfectly on time

500,000 shirts produced every year,
77 employees in Italy and 68 in Romania
make Gherardi Pro
a concrete and reliable partner.
In the shirt industry we ensure a complete and versatile support, ranging from the project development up to the shirts delivery to the customer’s warehouse, going through sourcing, purchase of materials and modelling.

We have a strong aptitude to solve any problem may occur, both in terms of design, production or logistics.
As a company, we pursue a steadfast profit reinvestment policy, aimed at growth. Good financial health allows us to operate with a long-term outlook, as well as to guarantee to our customers services that not everyone is able to offer.

Our customers, our value

Gherardi Pro adresses to a variety of mostly international companies, among which high-end and very high-end ones prevail.
Among our customers stick out several international brands, which occupy the highest level in terms of quality and price range.
We work for those who want to avoid any compromise on quality, for those who want to get an honest price for the required quality, for those who look for an all-round service, which also includes the ability and willingness to solve problems of various kinds, if and when they occur.
For all our customers, we are a valuable partner and an important ingredient in the formula for their success.

Our work and their satisfaction have fed partnerships that have strengthened over time.
We operate with customers and suppliers in the same way, on the basis of a trusting relationship.
With the formers we keep close commitments of production and service quality, speed, willingness and punctuality. We guarantee to the latters the unquestionable and punctual respect of the agreements. On both fronts, Gherardi Pro has gained an excellent reputation over the years.














Quality with no compromises

The more than thirty years experience of Gherardi brothers, with their specialized and exclusive vocation to shirtmaking, feeds a quality that nowadays truly fears no rivals.

Gherardi Pro takes advantage of all the benefits resulting from working alongside with the other Group branch of activity: Alessandro Gherardi brand, active in the creation of luxury and tailored shirts for the most demanding private customers.

Our production is settled in Italy, in the Umbrian-Tuscan high-quality tailoring companies area, where the business is based, but we can also count on the large production capacity of our owned company located in Romania.

Every day we produce quality, thanks  to the investment in the most efficient machinery and in technological innovation, as well as to the specialized skills and craftsmanship of our employees, especially those directly involved in the shirts production.

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Our work is your satisfaction.