Our commitment
to the community and the environment

We believe in creating long-lasting partnerships with our customers, suppliers and employees, as a sign of trust and a joint effort for the common success.
We believe in the value of a family commitment, which ensures continuity over time and a sincere dedication.
We believe in the respect and reliability, towards ourselves and others.
We believe in our unavoidable duty to work for the future of the planet, which is inspiring us to adopt increasingly ambitious environmental sustainability business practices.

A certified quality

Gherardi Pro operates in constant compliance, constantly updated, with regulatory compliance with regard to health and safety in the workplace, paying maximum attention to the health and safety risks of all personnel, customers and suppliers.

• ISO9001 certification, mother of all certifications and aimed at optimizing customer satisfaction
• ISO45001 certification, the system for the management of safety in the workplace
• ISO14001 environmental certification, which highlights the attention to environmental sustainability


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