Gherardi Pro
the sartorial excellence
for your brand

Gherardi Pro produces top quality shirts on behalf of Italian, European and American brands, mainly of high-end and very high-end. Since our beginnings, more than 20 years ago, each of our costumer has always been able to serenely rely on us. An uncertainty-free trustworthiness is the milestone of our work. 

Alessandro Gherardi,
a passion
that starts from afar

The more than thirty years experience of the founder, with his specialized vocation to shirtmaking, feeds a quality which has no rivals. It's excellence is based on constant investments on the most innovative machinery and on our talented employees.

Gherardi Pro,
a precious partner
to rely on

We provide a complete and versatile support that goes from project development to packaging through sourcing, purchase of materials and modeling. We have a strong aptitude to solve any problem may occur, both in terms of design, production or logistics.

For each of our customers we are a valuable partner and an important ingredient in their formula for success. Over the years, with customers and suppliers, Gherardi Pro has gained an excellent reputation.


High technology and manual skills for cutting-edge services 

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Our work is your satisfaction.