A customized, complete
and versatile service

Gherardi Pro has a specific vocation: the shirtmaking. 
However, in this field we are able to do everything in an excellent way.
Our service is all round, as our skills, ranging from the widest to  the smallest details.
We make shirts for men or women with equal quality and speed, with classic or innovative cuts and materials. 
We flexibly adapts to customer’s requests and we are able to solve any design, productive, logistic or other problem.
Our production capacity also extends to pajamas, dressing gowns, boxers, swimming trunks and trousers.

Knowing how to quickly produce
at a top-quality level

Adapting to our customers’ demands in a flexible way, we can guarantee a fast production, in the required quantities, while ensuring uncompromising quality. The trust of our most demanding customers proves it. The productive skills of our specialized employees, whit their heritage of craftsmanship, together with the usage of the most cutting-edge machinery, allow us to produce in the highest and most ambitious quality. 

Alongside the Master Embroiderers, who embroider by hand letters and numbers, buttonholes and any other operations which require a higher craftsmanship, there are other processes performed with the latest machinery that use Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as: Automatic Warehouse, Fabric Inspection Machine, Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine.

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Our work is your satisfaction.